We are Andy and Laura; husband and wife and co-owners of Dolphin Brewery. We live in Reading, where Andy grew up.

Andy has been a keen homebrewer since 2013, but making beers for personal consumption only was never the end goal. We are both passionate about quality beer and have always wanted others to enjoy the beers we make.

It didn’t take long for Andy’s passion for homebrewing to spiral out of control; basic kit was replaced with bigger and more sophisticated kit, and a basic knowledge of brewing ended in a Masters degree in Brewing Science from Nottingham University and first place in a local home-brew competition (with a really delicious Nectarine Sour).

Having graduated with distinction in December 2019, it was time to put five years of studying to good use, and the process of turning a garage into a professional brewery began. And why “Dolphin Brewery”? Well, Laura's surname is Dolphin… simple as that really.

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